ERYICA is a leading actor in developing, supporting and promoting quality generalist youth information policy and practice at all levels.
As such, it aims:

  • to improve and maintain a high quality of youth information all across its network

  • to help its members reach and maintain a high level of professionalism

ERYICA’s training system serves both of these aims and it was developed with the needs of this diverse network in mind. The system is continuously broadening, as well as existing modules are constantly revised, keeping an eye on new trends of the youth information field and the different situations in member countries and contexts.



Training courses have been designed and revised by ERYICA’s Training Task Force (TTF), a group that gathered some of the most recognised trainers and training experts in Europe in the field of youth information work. When the TTF finalised a training course, an international Training of Trainers was carried out with representatives of a wide range of ERYICA member networks, who multiply this knowledge in their national youth information networks. 4 of these training courses are being adapted to an eLearning platform in the frame of the DOYIT project, by a consortium consisting of ERYICA members and a formal education partner.

ERYICA developed a consistent training system that consists of:




Developing Online Youth Information Trainings (DOYIT) is a 2-year EU-funded project and is part of the Erasmus+ Youth in Action scheme, Key Action 2.  The project aims to make use of innovation in training methodologies and tools, especially e-learning methods and virtual cooperation, in order to increase youth information workers' access to ERYICA trainings across Europe. The ultimate aim is to strengthen and promote the provision of quality youth information and counselling in Europe through trained professionals.

The project has been running since October 2016 and will continue until September 2018. DOYIT consists of a consortium of 10 partners from 9 countries, involving organisations from both the formal and non-formal education sectors.

The project partners are: Austrian Youth Information Centres (Austria), Association of Croatian Youth Information Centres (Croatia), Egomind (Estonia), Humak University of Applied Sciences and Koordinaatti (Finland), Youth Work Ireland (Ireland), Foundation For Youth (Lithuania), European Youth Information and Counselling Agency (coordinator) (Luxembourg), Portuguese Institute of Youth and Sports (Portugal), Catalan Youth Agency (Spain).

For further information about the project and its detailed aims and activity plans click here.