YWelp Project

The YWelp project is an Erasmus+ funded partnership across 5 countries (Ireland, Finland, Estonia, Northern Ireland and Australia) which started in 2017 and will end in 2019. The project focuses on youth work in various universities.


 The YWElp project have organised 5 modules dedicated to youth work. The modules are:

1.     Communicating Youth Work

2.     Youth Participation & Non-Formal Learning

3.     Ethics and Human Rights in Professional Youth Work

4.     Youth Work in Diverse Societies

5.     Youth Work in the Digital World


The first module focuses on enhancing the understanding of youth work as a profession and practice. The second module discusses different methods and benefits of learning outside of formal education. The third module considers how human rights education could benefit young people in a youth work environment. The fourth module teaches inclusivity amongst young people, regardless of gender, sexuality, culture, ethnicity and ability. The fifth module is designed to enhance our understanding of digital youth through the uses of new technology. 

Read more at the YWelp website.