The evolution of European policy-making strategies towards a more international scope (i.e. Erasmus+), calls for exploring new collaboration arenas at international level. ERYICA aims at reinforcing and deepening its relationships and cooperation with a selected group of international and partner organisations, while of course staying open to collaboration with other stakeholders.

ERYICA benefits from these close relationships to advocate for youth information at European and national level. For example in 2016, in cooperation with EYCA and Eurodesk, ERYICA wrote a position paper with recommendations on the new EU Youth Strategy. ERYICA is also observer of the CDEJ (European Steering Committee for Youth), a statutory body of the Council of Europe that co-manages the youth activities and budget of the Department of Youth and Sport together, on an equal basis, with the Advisory Council on Youth. Meetings of the CDEJ have been seized as an opportunity to discuss youth information development with the responsible persons of the Ministries in charge of youth.


The position paper with recommendations for the European Youth Strategy, is written in collaboration with ERYICA’s partner networks, EYCA and Eurodesk. The paper addresses the challenges facing young people, and offers recommendations on how youth information and mobility can help young people make the most of the opportunities and information available to them. The position paper is available in three languages: English, German, and Polish

Initiatives supported by ERYICA 


European Youth Information Day Campaign 

Every year, ERYICA launches the European Youth Information Day Campaign on 17 April. The campaign aims to enhance the visibility of youth information and to raise awareness about the information needs of young people and those organisations working every day to match these needs. Members are encouraged to spread the campaign via their various social media channels. Last year's campaign was related to the role of youth information and the reliability of information in the post-truth era. ERYICA invited its members, stakeholders, youth workers and young people to take a moment to create memes that begin with “Who told you…” and spread the message of the need for reliable sources and a critical view on information. Here is one of last year's winners: 

AZ at Kottonera Youth Cafe6.png

Stay tuned to see what next year's theme will be! 


Policy Recommendations 

Since 1990, the Council of Europe has been actively involved in youth information policy recommendations. ERYICA works in close cooperation with the Council of Europe to ensure that Youth Information is included in youth policy at European level. Here are some policy recommendations that have been adopted by the Council of Europe:

Council of Europe Recommendation CM/Rec(2016)7 on young people’s access to rights (2016)

Council of Europe, Young people’s access to rights through youth information and counselling (2015)

Council of Europe's European Convention on the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms (2010)

Council of Europe's Recommendation CM/Rec(2010)8 on Youth Information (2010)

Council of Europe's Recommendation 90 (7) "Concerning Information and Youth Counselling for Young People in Europe" (1990)



Since November 2015, ERYICA has had a liaison desk at the premises of our Belgian Member Organisation, De Ambrassade, in order to ensure more frequent and accentual representation in the European capital, and to be closer to our stakeholders. The arrangement also means access to meeting rooms, that all ERYICA members can benefit from, following prior consultation with the Secretariat.

For more information, contact the secretariat. 

De Ambrassade can be found here: