InfoMobility means providing information, guidance and counselling before and during young people’s permanence in a foreign country. Practically, the Youth on the Move - InfoMobility (YoMIM) Guides complement the services offered by Youth Information Centres (YICs) by paying special regard to young people who take part in cross-border European mobility programmes. Through the guidance and information YoMIM Guides provide, young people can optimise their stay abroad. By getting engaged in the YoMIM service, YICs can also increase and maximise their impact on the target community.

AIMS OF yomim

  • To prepare YoMIM Guides with the skills, knowledge and practical information required to support them in their role of providing (quality) information to young people on the move.
  • To ensure YoMIM Guides understand the values and attitudes needed to perform their role.
  • To enhance the development and progression of the YoMIM network.

Contents of the course

  • Session 1.0: Pretask

Area 1: The YOMIM Concept

  • Session 1.1: The YoMIM Concept

Area 2: Orientation & Getting ready

  • Session 2.2: Orientation
  • Session 2.3: Getting ready

Area 3: Welcome & Stay

  • Session 3.4: The Stay 1: Skills & Attitudes
  • Session 3.5: The Stay 2: Local information
  • Session 3.6: The Stay 3: The use of networks
  • Session 3.7: The Stay 4: Troubleshooting/Crisis management

Area 4: Return & What now?

  • Session 4.8: Return
  • Session 4.9: What now?

Area 5: Next Steps

  • Session 5.10: Promotion of YoMIM services
  • Session 5.11: YoMIM Quality Guidelines
  • Session 5.12: Action plan
  • Session 5.13: Evaluation