YIntro is the training course of ERYICA for beginners in the field of Youth Information. It covers the basic areas of knowledge and skills needed for youth information work and is meant to be an introduction to the field. It is built on 4 areas that can be delivered in 5 full training days or equivalent time sessions.

The course is based on the expertise of ERYICA training experts with national and international training on youth information and the experiences gained throughout the years with European Training of Trainers courses and national courses on the MBTC-Minimum Basic Training Course module (predecessor of the Yintro course).

A YIntro course can be organised either by ERYICA or its member organisations. This training course can only be delivered by qualified trainers certified by ERYICA through a Training of Trainers course. For further information, please contact the ERYICA Secretariat.


Aims of YIntro – Stepping into Youth Information

  • Introduce the relevant areas, competences and skills of Youth Information

  • Offer a basic course to newcomers to the field

  • Enhance a common quality framework within the ERYICA network

  • Provide coherent route to competence as a first step into Youth Information Work, which will be followed by advanced modules covering more into depths certain areas of the work field.

There are and there will be additional modules to the YIntro covering specific themes and topics that are of relevance to the youth information field and where a training need is communicated by ERYICA members.


General learning outcomes

By the end of the YIntro course, the participant should demonstrate:

  • an awareness of the basic key principles and background of youth information work;

  • an understanding of the basic methods used to deliver youth information in practice;

  • an awareness of the skills, values, responsibilities and individual role of the youth information worker;

  • a clear action plan for future implementation based on the reflective self-evaluation exercises undertaken.


Contents of the course

Area 1:     Background and Principles of Youth Information

  • Session 1.1: Defining the Key Terms in Youth Information

  • Session 1.2: Principles of Youth Information

  • Session 1.3: Development of Youth Information

  • Session 1.4: Presentation of the present Youth Information structures

Area 2:     Youth Information in Practice

  • Session 2.5: Identifying information needs of young people

  • Session 2.6.: Searching for information and sources of information

  • Session 2.7: Selecting quality information

  • Session 2.8: Organising your Youth Information

  • Session 2.9: Creating and designing Youth Information products

Area 3:     The Art of Working with Young People in a Youth Information Setting

  • Session 3.10: Forms of working with young people

  • Session 3.11: Communication Methods & Youth Information Work

  • Session 3.12: Skills & Competences of a Youth Information Worker

  • Session 3.13: Attitudes and values of a Youth Information Worker

Area 4:     Continuous Professional Development in Youth Information Work

  • Session 4.14: Monitoring and evaluation

  • Session 4.15: Networking & getting information to young people

  • Session 4.16: Self-evaluation and action plan

Accreditation session, individual interview.

The YIntro training manual is available in English, Finnish and Spanish.