Trainers for YIntro have to be from youth information work background and have successfully completed a Training of Trainers course on YIntro or be accredited by the ERYICA Training Task Force (e.g. former MBTC Trainers). If you are an MBTC Trainer and would like to be accredited for becoming a YIntro Trainer, please contact the ERYICA Secretariat using the Contact button below.

Certified YIntro trainers can apply for getting the manual of a selection of other courses and can run those as well. Trainers that are certified for one specific training course can only run that course.

All ERYICA trainers are requested to follow the SHEryica Facebook page and join the group for networking purposes.


If you would like to have access to the list of ERYICA trainers or get in touch with someone near you, please contact the ERYICA secretariat: