SHERYICA is a private Facebook page for European youth information workers. It aims at enhancing collaboration between youth information work professionals from a variety of backgrounds. As such SHERYICA wants to facilitate networking in the youth information field on a European scale.

On SHERYICA, youth information workers exchange ideas on upcoming projects in the youth information field, they share their individual competences, discuss experiences and exchange good practice. On top of that, SHERYICA is a channel to promote international projects making use of this unique European network of youth information professionals.

You can find the following sections:

  • Stories
    Keep up with what is going on in youth information around Europe!
    In this section youth information workers can post stories from their daily work with young people. It is an excellent space for project promotion, for calls for training or invitations to meetings.
  • People
    Want to know more about other people using SHERYICA?
    Here, we have gathered the profiles of all youth information workers that are already part of the network. At a glance you can view each of the professionals’ competences and skills.
  • Information Centres
    Need to contact a specific professional?
    Here, you find contact information for the youth information centres represented in SHERYICA.
  • Discussions
    If you have an idea you want to discuss with fellow youth information workers, a question you want to raise... or if you simply need to talk. All youth information topics are welcome!


SHERYICA was created on an initiative of ERYICA (the European Youth Information and Counselling Agency), with the support of Youth Agora, a Brussels based networking and communications organisation. The platform has been developed within the project A Better Youth Information for New Times with funding from the Youth in Action programme of the European Commission.