Organising national and international ERYICA Trainings

(with the support of ERYICA)

  • If you wish to organise an ERYICA Training, please contact the ERYICA Secretariat 3 months before the planned dates.

  • Trainings can be organised centrally if the host country provides practical support on the spot (accommodation, training rooms, material...). ERYICA will set the dates together with you, assist with finding trainers and provide the programme and support.

  • If you wish to organise a national ERYICA Training but there is no certified trainer in your country, contact the ERYICA Secretariat for support and finding trainers.

  • As a rule of thumb for the number of trainers, an 8:1 participant to trainer ratio should be applied.

  • ERYICA Trainings have to cover at least the hours foreseen in the curriculum/manual.

  • The recommended minimum remuneration of trainers is € 250/trainer/day plus coverage of travel and lodging, depending on qualifications and experience. In certain cases it may be that the fee is negotiated locally. If you face difficulties with covering this amount, please contact ERYICA.