Youth information centres network in the Czech Republic

At the beginning of April 2019, the National Youth Information Centre (NICM, department of NÚV - ERYICA member) had to move to new offices. Even if it was an unexpected change, NICM tries to work as usual and coordinate the network of youth information centres (ICM) in the country.  We are currently preparing new lectures about media literacy and equipping our new centre for the grand opening in September 2019. NICM participates in different events for youth (for example Utubering) and made a new "traveling exhibition".


This exhibition was made for celebrating the European Youth Information Day - as a continuation of the exhibition from last year called "Online threats" talking about internet criminality. This year, the exhibition wants to teach the audience how to check online information and fight fake news.

In April, NICM went to the quality audits in Turnov and Ivančice to see how the Youth information centres (ICM) work there and if they can receive the certification and stay a part of the network of certified youth information centres. Thanks to this network in the Czech Republic, information is easy to reach for the youngsters in almost all of the regions in the country! Regional ICM prepares tailor-made activities for young people in the area, here are some examples of their work:

  • ICM Uherské Hradiště has regular inspirational meetings with interesting personalities (until the age of 30) from the region.

  • ICM Kladno provides an English club to improve the language competencies of young adults and all interested people. They also prepared a projection of the movie "A Plastic Ocean" for schools and presented the activities of Greenpeace.

  • ICM Prostějov invited young adults to see the movie about slow fashion and after the movie discuss the topic with an expert.

This was just a few examples of how ICM in the Czech Republic spreads information for young adults in different regions.  ICM organises regular network meetings, a minimum of twice a year.