Youth 2019 Conference, Turku

The “Youth 2019” conference organised by our Affiliated Organisation Allianssi, took place in Turku, on 27-28 March 2019.

The two-day programme, attended by around 1,500 Finnish youth workers, youth organisations representatives, youth researchers, international partners, stakeholders and decision-makers, focused on the latest youth work trends and innovations, best practices and other important topics such as social inclusion, European Solidarity Corps and youth research.

ERYICA was represented by our President Jaana Fedotoff and Vice president Pep Moliné. They took the chance to network and to learn more about Finnish youth work. Our President also had the chance to present the work of ERYICA at the event. It was a good opportunity to share best practices, while highlighting the crucial role played by international organisations and the importance of cross-sectoral cooperation in youth work and youth information work.