Visual Communication for YOUth and Youth Organisations

Visual Communication is one of the most important ways that people communicate and share information in the new digital era. Visual Communication is perhaps one of the most widely used tools in the internet world. Developing young people's skills to meet the needs of the 21st century is one of the top priorities of the Youth Board of Cyprus.

The Youth Information Centre (YIC) of Agros organised a Visual Communication workshop. It aimed to provide all the necessary tools to young people to develop their social and digital skills and knowledge through an alternative way of participation by using the method of Non-Formal Education. The participants of the workshop were young people living in rural mountainous areas of Troodos region, who are members of Youth Organisations, employees of local community councils or local businessmen.  

VC - KEPLI Agrou 4.jpg

Through this workshop, we defined what Visual Communication is, we explored its history, and gained insight into why it is an important tool in the technological world of ours. At the same time, the workshop focused on how to create the right communication strategy through various online communication channels and by using a combination of both graphic and strategic communication social networks.

After the completion of the workshop, participants were able and felt confident to work on web graphics tools for static images and GIFs, they improved the services they provide to young people, their community and their customers.