Unesco Global MIL Week


The UNESCO-led Global Media and Information Literacy Week Feature Conference will take place on 24-26 September in Gothenburg, Sweden, under the theme “MIL Citizens: Informed, Engaged, Empowered”!

The Global MIL Week, celebrated annually, represents a chance to share creative projects, the latest research, new ideas, and information across countries and stakeholders involved in MIL.

This year, the conference will be focused on the role of MIL Citizens and how MIL can contribute to improving the levels of information, engagement, and empowerment for all, helping people build trust and raise critical awareness in the use of media and information.

You can submit your case-study and academic papers here by 15 May 2019, based on the fields of MIL and connected to MIL citizens, helping lead an open and constructive dialogue and discussion about issues and topics shared in many corners of the world.

Remember to keep an eye on the UNESCO website for latest news and online courses on MIL competencies!