The Estonian Youth Work Centre will host the 30th General Assembly - A message from its Director!

ERYICA’s 30th General Assembly will be hosted in Tallinn by the Estonian Youth Work Centre (ENTK), on 15-17 May. It will be a special occasion to highlight the accomplishments reached through decades of cooperation in the field of Youth Information, and to look to the future to identify new strategies.

We are very grateful to Edgar Schlümmer, the Director of Estonian Youth Work Centre, for his words full of esteem and admiration for our long-term cooperation used in the letter below.

We look forward to see our members in Tallinn!


Dear youth information leaders in Europe,
We are pleased to welcome you to the European Youth Information and Counselling Agency`s 30th General Assembly held in Tallinn, Estonia on 15-17 of May 2019.

This will be a truly historical moment, as at the same time that we are celebrating 15 years of ERYICA membership, we are also celebrating the Estonian Youth Work Centre’s 20th anniversary. Although we have come a long way in the past two decades - establishing acts, strategies, standards for the youth field; enhancing quality and recognition of youth work, making youth work diverse, and accessible - there are still many challenges ahead. Estonia is in the process of creating a national strategy, “Estonia 2035”, and work started to address challenges young people are facing in the new Youth Field Development Plan for 2021+. It seems that youth information might have an even greater role to play in the future.

The winds of innovation concern youth information and counselling. We take off from the idea that all youth work institutions, and people who work with youth, support youth information, and it is a natural part of youth work. Bearing this in mind, we have made many changes in the organisation of youth information, reshaped a nationwide youth information portal and rebranded it as, as well as implemented the ERYICA training “Youth Information Service and Network Development“. I would like to express our gratitude to ERYICA for your cooperation, expertise, as well as training system, which we have found to be helpful in these processes.

Thank you all for the honour of hosting the  30th General Assembly and welcome to Tallinn!

Edgar Schlümmer
Director of Estonian Youth Work Centre

Erika Branca