Open Dialogue Day for the European Youth Information Quality Label!

In a post-truth era where modern propaganda and conspiracy theories are fed by disinformation, fake news, populism and hate speech, identifying reliable, complete and unbiased information has become a real challenge for many. In this context, any mechanism designed to help citizens, and especially young citizens, to easily recognise trustworthy sources and to critically scrutinise the information that reaches them in mass are essential.


In April 2018, the General Assembly of ERYICA approved a new European Youth Information Charter and ERYICA Strategic Plan for 2018-2023. Both documents highlight the challenges faced by young people when it comes to addressing the overload of information and the need of ensuring the quality and visibility of youth information and counselling services. The Strategy goes further and underlines the necessity of creating a European Youth Information Quality Label easy to recognise by young people, based on their needs and on the principles of the European Youth Information Charter.

In this context and in the framework of its partnership with the Council of Europe, ERYICA established a Working Group to develop a European Youth Information Quality Label designed for and with young people and linked to a set of quality assessment criteria, mechanisms and tools. ERYICA believes that such an initiative cannot be undertaken unilaterally; it must rather be part of a broader development process involving young people and key actors in the European youth sector.

In this understanding, ERYICA invites stakeholders and future users of the European Youth Information Quality Label to express their views and albeit briefly, contribute to this creative process through an Open Dialogue day that will take place on 12 June 2019 in Brussels. If you are interested in attending, contact the secretariat: or fill in the application form. The day will take an open format with integrated brunch, easily accessible venue and no static presentations but rather short inputs and sharing.

We are looking forward to seeing many of you in Brussels!

Erika Branca