OMG! NICM Project in Prague


OMG (in English DML - Discover Media Literacy) is a collection of lectures that aims to teach students at high schools and primary schools (age 12+) about the use of social networks and the threats that come with them.

With research conducted in autumn 2018 of the Czech School Inspection, NICM showed that, despite the crucial role played by the internet in young people’s lives, the importance of Media Literacy at school is underestimated. In most cases, even teachers do not know how to approach this subject.

After such alarming results, NICM started to offer lectures about social networks and their threats, reaching thousands of students aged between 11 - 15 years old.

The experience was positive both for students - who appreciated the learning process - and teachers, who usually lack information about digitalisation in their teaching syllabus.  

Encouraged by the results, NICM decided to prepare new lectures, not only about social network and its threats but also about safe internet, hidden publicity or fake news.
The pilot versions of OMG will start in autumn and the dissemination of results and good practices will be ensured by a training organised by NICM for youth information workers from all around the Czech Republic.

Erika Branca