NEW ERYICA Training of Trainers (ToT) system, it’s ToT-ally a huge opportunity!

ERYICA is restructuring our Training of Trainers system!


The way we experience information is changing, and the youth information sector cannot escape this mutation. Now more than ever, it is crucial to ensure that youth information services are provided in a professional manner to young people. ERYICA established a Capacity building and Training Working Group to design a new training of trainers structure for the growing number of ERYICA training courses. Through 4 face-to-face meetings and numerous online ones, the group is set out to accomplish its mandate given by the General Assembly to design and create a new training of trainers programme, organise the first ToT and make further proposals for the development of new training materials in the ERYICA training system.

This new ToT cycle is a strategic initiative to reorganise our training system and trainers pool: the main aim is to have trainers with skills required by the sector, who are certified to deliver most of the courses of the ERYICA training system, who are available to do so and remain an active member of the trainers pool.

The participants will be able to deliver 8 courses (5 face-to-face and 3 eLearning) and will be offered a simplified route to become trainers of the remainder of the courses as well.

The first course will start in October 2019 and last for approximately 7 months. This period includes 2 short residential trainings (3-4 days each) and eLearning periods in between.

Erika Branca