LGBT+ Youth Work in Ireland

Youth Work Ireland and its Member Youth Services provide youth work support and services to LGBT+ people. The aim is to offer to people who either identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender, or are questioning their sexuality, a place where they can be themselves and socialise with their peers, supported by trainers and professional youth practitioners.

Even if Ireland has become more and more inclusive in recent years, it’s still important to raise community awareness about anti-homophobic attitudes and work to fight against transphobic bullying, social anxiety, discrimination and isolation. Through youth work services, young people can hang out in a safe environment, sharing their experiences, feelings and ideas and increase their self-confidence and self-acceptance.

In order to raise awareness of trans issues, Youth Work Ireland has produced two resources that aim to educate society in support to LGBT+ young people, with a focus on young and trans in rural Ireland that are still facing problems due to a less inclusive environment, which can be found here.