European Youth Forum publication - Future of Youth Work

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Globalisation, climate change, demographic changes, and technological advancements are changing the world of work, creating new challenges and opportunities for young people and the future of work.
With the aim to minimise the negative consequences of these changes and to allow young people to seize opportunities, governments and institutions have to work to shape labour markets in a way that can support the inclusion of young people.
Young people are already at a disadvantage in the labour market, due to age-based discrimination in terms of their access to quality work, fair wages, or welfare systems, and they are often forced to face years of economic difficulties during their transition from education to employment.

This unfavourable situation risks being exacerbated in the future of work with the challenges of tomorrow, which is why it is crucial to act today to create the future of work for Young Europeans.

The European Youth Forum analysed in the report “The Future of Work and Youth” how this new era will affect young people, by identifying five key themes: skills, access to social protection, workers’ rights and wellbeing, transition and environmental concerns, and equality.

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