European Social Network Toolkit - Improving the social inclusion of people furthest from the labour market


The European Social Network (ESN) has published the new toolkit “Inclusive activation: Improving the social inclusion of people furthest from the labour market’’ in the framework of 2018-2021 inclusive activation strategy.

The purpose is to provide guidance and practical examples on inclusion strategies for the people furthest from the labour market and to empathise that activation based only on employment is not enough for social inclusion, and it is crucial to provide some form of adaptation to the expectations and needs of workers.

The toolkit suggests a more holistic approach that will meet the needs of workers, including social, health, education, housing, and employment services. To put in practice this method, it is necessary to take into account six identified pillars: integrated services, adequate income support, personalised plan, access to quality services, inclusive labour markets, and a holistic view of needs.
The idea is to offer better services based on personalised plans, in order to be able to provide adequate income support and make the labour market more inclusive. For pursuing this goal of cross-sectoral cooperation between youth services providers, like youth information and counselling services, public and private partners are particularly important. Their cooperation  represents a prerequisite for the effective personalisation of services. Furthermore, even after signing an employment contract, it is necessary to continue to offer support and to improve the monitoring and evaluation of a personalised programme.

Erika Branca