Drama! YIC’s Theatre Workshops

The Youth Information Centre (YIC) in Nicosia, aiming to support personal development and young people’s social skills improvement, organised a series of theatre workshops, in collaboration with the Psychosocial Empowerment Programme “Mikri Arktos”.

Theatre Workshops.jpg

Τwelve theatre workshops took place between December 2018 and February 2019, in which twenty participants had the chance to apply drama techniques, take part in theatrical exercises and present their own plays as a means of self-improvement. Through the Art of Theatre, young people had the chance to develop on a personal and at the same time social level.

During the workshops, various drama techniques were applied; speech and breathing, working as part of a team, communication, expressing emotions, scenario shooting and role playing. These methods can enable people to explore themselves, unlock ways of thinking differently, recognise 'harmful' or unconscious feelings and thoughts and thus test ways to find solutions. Above all, these activities aimed to strengthen and empower participants to transform from passive viewers to active participants and equip them with both personal and social skills in order to achieve personal goals and assume a more active role in society.