Amazing feedback for the call for youth volunteers on the Teeviit website!

In March, the Teeviit youth information website called on young people to become volunteers for the website. The call had plenty of feedback and the Teeviit team received a total of 87 applications

Teeviit volunteers meering.jpg

Teeviit offers high-quality, clear and relevant information to young people via an online platform. The website provides information under six categories: learning, work and careers, youth work opportunities, relationships and safety, health and society. Each month throughout the year, the website focuses on one subject. In April, for example, the focus was on working life, in May on digital security and in June on safe traffic practices. Each month, an average of 15,000 visitors visit the website. Interested volunteers help increase the youth-friendliness and target group awareness of the website.

The young people have the possibility to voice their opinions and be included in the work of the largest youth information website in Estonia. The work helps develop several skills and competences, which might also help in securing a job or internship at a later stage. To meet the expectations and needs of the target audience, the young people were invited to contact them and to participate in the work of the website. This way, they can be directly included in the planning of the information and communication work directed at the target audience, as well as in the performance of specific activities. The volunteers handle social media-related work, the presentation of the Teeviit brand at fairs and the performance of workshops. The young people can also help create content for the website.

After submission of an application, each volunteer had the chance to specify their interests and wishes regarding their input. The work of the volunteers is organised across three subjects: marketing and social media, content creation, and fairs and workshops. The young people are given the opportunity to act as team leaders – many young people expressed an interest in managing one of the three teams. Learning management skills helps to support the development of leadership skills and time planning.

At the end of April, the first volunteer meeting was organised in Tallinn, and the objective of the meeting was to get to know the participants, support the participants’ motivation in conducting volunteer work and to provide instructions for better time planning . A discussion was carried out on the subject of information directed at young people, and a long-time volunteer for YFU Estonia, Trine Tamm, gave a presentation on volunteer work as an opportunity for gaining new experiences.

At the same time, further plans were discussed with the volunteer team leaders and the volunteers, and a primary plan of action was established for the activities of each team. The first fair and workshop activity was carried out on 3-4 May at the Young Master 2019 skills festival, which had the aim of carrying out a fairground game and discussing youth information topics with young people. With the help of the volunteers, Teeviit’s Instagram account was also launched and the publishing of Teeviit’s newsletter commenced.

Teeviit wishes to thank all of the applicants and the partners in the youth field who helped to spread the information among young people!