The Republic of Croatia just signed the European Youth Information Charter!

On 9th May 2019, Ivica Bosnjak, State Secretary of the Ministry of Demographics, Family, Youth and Social Policy of the Republic of Croatia, held a formal signing of the European Youth Information Charter in Croatian.
The event was attended by the President of our Croatian member Zajednica, an ERYICA Governing Board Member, Matjaž Medvešek on behalf of ERYICA, the President of the Youth Council of the Republic of Croatia, Tanja Herceg, and numerous members of the Croatian network of youth information services.

The newest version of the European Youth Information Charter was adopted at the 29th General Assembly of ERYICA, held in Cascais, Portugal, in April 2018.

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The principles of the Charter are intended to apply to all forms of generalist youth information work and seek to guarantee the right of young people to complete, reliable and updated information. They constitute a basis for minimum standards and quality measures applicable to all countries as elements of a comprehensive, coherent and coordinated approach to youth information and counselling provision.

 The signing of the Charter represents a step in the right direction towards the full and clear application of the principles of youth information in Croatia, aiming to harmonise with European standards. The signing of the Charter provides the possibility to apply a new standard that will lead to more professional youth services, able to better inform young people and more systematically.

It is crucial to understand how important it is to have a standardised approach to youth work and recognise Community and Youth Information Centres as key, and systematically work on the implementation of the Charter” said the President of the Youth Council of the Republic of Croatia, Tanja Herceg.

ERYICA is proud of the results that have been achieved among its members and is thankful to the Ministry of Republic of Croatia and our Croatian member Zajednica for making the event possible, and especially for their committment to support youth information and counselling services in Croatia with the aim to ensure access to quality youth information for young people in the country.