Reflections on youth work with young refugees

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As stated in the Eurydice Report, Integrating Asylum Seekers and Refugees into Higher Education in Europe, immigration into Europe has increased dramatically in the last four years, with more than 2.6 million people applying for asylum in Europe. Around half of all asylum applicants in the EU are aged between 18-34.

That being said, it seems obvious that the role of youth workers is crucial when dealing with this situation. Youth policy makers, researchers and practitioners have to adapt to a whole new reality, developing new techniques and acquiring further skills they can apply to their work with young refugees.

As a result, Maria Pisani, Tanya Basarab, Barbara Giovanna Bello and Sofia Laine have written a book, which aims to be a reference for those working on inclusion, access to rights and the participation of young refugees.

Between insecurity and hope - Reflections on youth work with young refugees is the 24th edition of Youth Knowledge publications, published under the Partnership between the European Commission and the Council of Europe in the field of youth.

The book presents theoretical references and reflections on the experiences of young refugees and the way they reconcile personal hope with the tensions within their host societies. You can read the book here.

Erika Branca