IUVENTA leads the way in preventing violent extremism and radicalisation

IUVENTA Slovak Youth Institute, the National Agency of Erasmus+ in Slovakia (new ERYICA member), will hold the international conference Radicalisation of Youth!? Causes and prevention of violent radicalisation through youth work in Bratislava on 12 – 14 March 2019. Researchers, youth workers and youth policy makers will discuss and share good practices regarding the prevention of violent extremism and radicalisation.

The conference aim is not only to present current knowledge and conceptual understanding of violent radicalisation of young people, but also to offer space for various preventive programmes and projects (many of them under the Youth chapter of Erasmus+) to be presented. Therefore, ERYICA will take part in the event to run a session on the toolkit Liaisons, which so far is available in English and French.

Inspiring stories and critical insight will certainly be offered by keynote speakers Omar Mulbocus (once a member of a radical group, nowadays behavioural therapist and preventionist) and street (youth) worker Stefan Schützler (working with youngsters from right-wing subculture). More information about the programme will be updated on this link.

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Erika Branca