Get ready for European Youth Information Day 2019!

On 17 April 2019, ERYICA will celebrate European Youth Information Day (EYID)! This year, ERYICA will be running an #Infoselfie campaign, which will be used to raise the visibility and recognition of youth information. The campaign, with the hashtag #newinfo, is targeted at youth information workers, youth workers, youth organisations and young people. The aim of the campaign is to show what you have discovered through youth information, with the slogan'youth information showed me...'

ERYICA invites its members, stakeholders and young people to take a moment to post a selfie, and write something that they have discovered thanks to youth information services. For example,  ‘Youth information showed me I could volunteer abroad!’ or ‘Youth information showed me where to find information about health services in my area!’

This will improve the visibility and promotion of youth information work and service providers.


  • Step 1: Take a selfie and upload it to social media.

  • Step 2: Add the EYID2019 logo via Frame Studio. You can choose from the following logo frames: Logo 1, logo 2, logo 3, logo 4.

  • Step 3: Write something that you discovered thanks to YI services ('Youth information showed me many local events going on in my area!'/ 'youth information showed me about interesting workshops that I could participate in!') and upload the image and text to the social media platform of your choice. 

  • Step 4: Add the hashtags: #newinfo #EYID2019 #youthinfo #infoselfie

  • Post your text and image on your social media

  • Tag us on Twitter with @ERYICAYI, and/or

  • On Facebook with the tag @ERYICA, and/or

  • On Instagram and tag @_ERYICA, and/or

  • On LinkedIn and tag @ERYICA, and/or

  • Visit our EYID ERYICA Facebook page for updates and celebrate with ERYICA on this important day!

For further details, please contact the ERYICA secretariat, 

 Thank you for celebrating the EYID 2019!

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Erika Branca