Digital Technologies and Youth Participation in Urban Change Towards Sustainability

Scholars in both youth studies and political science have recently become increasingly concerned over the growing political passivity and social marginalisation of the youth.

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As a result, Niina Meriläinen, Iikka Pietilä and Jari Varsaluoma from the University of Tampere, have written Digital Technologies and Youth Participation in Urban Change Towards Sustainability: An Analysis of the Usability, Accessibility, and Participation Experiences of the Youth in City Planning.

The main theme is the involvement of youth in planning future cities, which will be struggling – ecologically as well as socially and politically – with the rise in population. This is especially relevant with regard to the desired change towards more sustainable well-being and human rights for people across the globe. Active citizenship, participation, and youth engagement is an essential requirement in order to achieve this change.

The research material includes the Agenda 2030 objectives document, the outputs of a digital technologies workshop, the interviews conducted among the workshop participants and the ethnographic reflections of the research team.

This paper brings together a unique combination of research perspectives on youth participation in urban planning and urban social change, covering the areas of political science, youth studies, social movement studies, public management and pervasive computing.

You can read the full report here.

Erika Branca