A reflection on the updated European Youth Information Charter



ERYICA’s member in the Czech Republic, NUV - Národního ústav pro vzdělávání, is currently promoting the new European Youth Information Charter. Therefore, they interviewed ERYICA President Jaana Fedotoff and Director Eva Reina.

After having been asked about the need to update the Charter, Jaana Fedotoff stated that the document is a powerful tool to promote youth information and counselling and its structures. Even though all the principles in the previous version were still relevant and up-to-date, times have changed, and the work is more challenging, which asks for ongoing review and adaptation. Therefore, she was very pleased when ERYICA members agreed to establish the Working Group to update the Charter!

Eva Reina considers the update of the Charter necessary because the previous version dated from 2004. She highlighted the fact that new information technologies have had a very strong impact in the way we obtain, process and use information. As a result, online and offline dimensions have merged and led ERYICA to merge its two core guiding principles as well: The Principles for Online Youth Information and the Charter.

When asked about their favourite key word of the new Charter, Jaana chose Proactive, as it reminds us of the need to be one step ahead and educate ourselves continuously about what is going on in the media and information world. Eva chose Empowering, as it reminds us of the main aim of youth information, enhancing young people’s power to decide by themselves, to act autonomously and to become free thinkers.

To conclude the interview, the President and Director of ERYICA were asked what they would wish for youth information services in Europe if they could have 3 wishes.

Jaana claimed: “If we could have all the political will and all the support possible to establish quality youth information services and permanent YI structures, it would be my dream come true. My third wish is that youth information would be recognised in all European countries and beyond”.  

As for Eva, she wished “that all YI services across Europe operate in accordance with the principles of the European Youth Information Charter, that young people feel supported, empowered and well-equipped to deal with the overload of information and disinformation that they face today, and that YI services are able to anticipate how to adapt their services to young people in the future”.

The European Youth Information Charter is currently available in 21 languages on the ERYICA website.

Erika Branca