DOYIT training courses foreseen in 2019


The Developing Online Youth Information Trainings (DOYIT) project has ended and its outcomes, 4 eLearning courses for youth information workers, are ready to use! These courses are YoMIM, Digital YIntro, JIMMY and ALTYO. The e-courses are available in the following languages:

doyit online2.png

-       YoMIM: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Croatian.

The Youth on the Move - InfoMobility (YoMIM) Guides complement the services offered by Youth Information Centres (YICs) by paying special regard to young people who take part in cross-border European mobility programmes.

-       Digital YIntro: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Croatian, Estonian, Lithuanian and Finnish.

The training course on Digital Youth Information is an additional module to the ERYICA beginners’ course YIntro.

-       JIMMY: English.

The JIMMY training course is targeted at youth workers who, within the context of their daily job, are partially but not exclusively providing information to young people.

-       ALTYO: English.  

Advocacy for youth organisations.

To facilitate their dissemination, ERYICA will organise 2 international eLearning courses in English this year, as well as Members’ initiatives in several countries.

The first course, Youth on the Move - InfoMobility (YoMIM) targets youth information workers who wish to learn more about providing quality services for young people in a mobility situation. Registrations will open on 10 April and the 5-week online course begins on 6 May. Follow our news for further updates.

The second international eLearning course in 2019 will be a Youth Information Mediator (JIMMY) one, targeting youth workers to familiarise them with youth information provision. This online training will take place in autumn 2019.

Any ERYICA member organisation interested in running an eLearning course can contact the ERYICA Secretariat for further information.

Erika Branca