UNESCO Global Media & Information Literacy Week 2019

As the world continues to advance in the age of digital technology, a week has been dedicated to Global Media and Information Literacy! 

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UNESCO, the host and its partners are organising this week to take place on 24th October until 31st October. The official title of the week is “Global Media & Information Literacy Week”. The aim of this vital week is to focus on the cities and citizens in the digital age. Media and information literacy (MIL) provides citizens with vital knowledge in terms of learning, work, and all aspects of life. MIL is also a crucial part of theEuropean Youth Information Charter, specifically principle 8.2: ‘Youth Information workers have media and information literacy skills.’

This week is not just for UNESCO, it’s also for you! Why not get involved? You can promote the hashtag #GlobalMIL on social media, or you can do something in your local area! Whether it’s your university, your school, your town...Get everyone involved!


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