The podcast series ‘Teeviit tulevikku’ for young people in Estonia

How to reach young people at their convenience and provide a meaningful, in-depth overview of the topic? Air a podcast!

Nowadays, it is quite rare to see young people without earphones, air pods and headphones on them. Young people barely watch TV nowadays, so how can we reach out to them? An innovative idea to reach out to the youth has been introduced by Teevit! Since young people love listening to their music, why not introduce a method where they can listen to pre-recordings on youth information! Podcasts are popular amongst the youth as they can listen to it wherever they are regardless of what they are doing. 


This podcast began in summer and focuses on topics that interest and capture the youth, such as mental health, relationships, safety, international opportunities, entrepreneurship and youth participation. Each episode has an expert and one young person as a guest to have the professional and youthful balance of the topic(s) discussed. Through these podcasts, young people can learn new diverse knowledge from real life stories. 


You can find Teeviit tulevikku episodes at SoundCloudSpotifyand YouTube!