The EU – A Friend or a Foe?

If you are a citizen of an EU country, then you are also a European citizen. But what does this mean in practice? What has the European Union done for you?Well, for a start, we all live in peaceful times, which in itself is a huge achievement, but it is not the only thing that Europe has done for us.

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The Youth Information Centre of Agros (Cyprus) was invited to a summer youth camp with more than 450 young participants. The workshop promoted European awareness, active participation and social life. During the workshop, we had the opportunity to inform the participants on the history of the European Union, what values we share, who does what in the EU and how all of this is relevant to our daily lives. We also presented many challenges that the EU faces today;challenges that will also shape young people’s future.


The workshop consisted of 30 participants per group, which lasted for 5 weeks. The structure of the workshop was based on the European Commission Publication ‘EU & ME’ (ISBN 978-92-79-64042-1). Using this publication, interactive methods taught many interesting things about the rich history of Europe and the European Family.


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During the workshop, the Youth Worker who facilitates the discussion shared many opportunities that the EU offers to young Europeans. Programmes such as the Erasmus+ programme, the European Solidarity Corps, the European Youth Card, Euroscola, the European Youth Event, the Youth Employment initiative, DiscoverEU and others. At the same time, with a fruitful discussion, we focused on the challenges that the EU faces today. For instance, road safety is a prominent issue. For that reason, a simulation game on road safety was introduced by using the tool of drunk goggles. Also, a second simulation game was introduced to promote the efficiency of mobility. Participants had to then match the country with the flag.

Our workshop has 6 contents:

-              What is the European Union?

-              How does the EU work?

-              How is the EU relevant to our daily life?

-              Opportunities for Youth in EU

-              EU Countries, how many can you name (simulation game)

-              Road Safety prevention (simulation game)


All of the participants and leaders of the camp were fully satisfied with the workshop; they also stated that all these information and non-formal activities should be learned and included during school time.