Road to Societal Change via Route ARS


The anti-rumours strategy (ARS) was first promoted in Barcelona in 2010, and involved over 3000 people. The ARS provides a long-term process of social change for discrimination, stereotypes and prejudices.The strategy focuses on 3 main objectives : 

1.    to engage and empower stakeholders;

2.    to raise awareness on the negativity of stereotypes, prejudices and rumours; and

3.    to influence the political and social agenda to collectively prevent discrimination as a society. 

We all have a basic knowledge of what stereotypes, discrimination and prejudices are, but we may not understand how easily these conceptions and beliefs form. Stereotypes are usually negative conceptions about groups of people, e.g. the stigmatised stereotype of teenagers is they’re violent, mischievous and contribute to the deterioration of society. Prejudices are usually negative attitudes towards someone’s participation in a group. Prejudice is the false pre-judgment of someone. Discrimination is acceptance of the prejudice and acting on those thought. A common example of discrimination is through race. Associating one’s race with a false perception and acting negatively towards that person is discrimination. What people don’t know is that stereotypes and prejudices are closely linked to social norms which determine what is socially ‘right’ and what is ‘wrong’. 

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