Recognising and Preventing Sexual Grooming

The aim of this project is to strengthen the skills of the youth workers in Finland. This project also stands against the sexual grooming and sexual abuse of children and young people. Youth workers and volunteers working with young people need information, training, methods, materials and information about sexual grooming, harassment and abuse that takes place online and offline.


Based on a survey (n = 456) that Koordinaatti carried out last summer, youth workers need more information, good and useful methods and materials on how to prevent sexual grooming and sexual abuse of children and young people. How can we talk about the issue with young people or how can we recognise the ones at risk? Concrete and usable materials/tools are important for youth workers. Koordinaatti will organise trainings and webinars, publish an online manual and new methods/materials for the youth workers to have access to this information.  

Together with the partners, the goals of the project will be met and Koordinaatti will be able to provide new methods, materials and training to the youth workers. Cooperation with different organisations that possess knowledge of the theme (e.g. Save the Children International) is vital for the project to be successful.

If you have good practices or materials related to the theme in your country, please contact Koordinaatti. More information: Project Manager Mika Pietilä,

Koordinaatti is a national centre of expertise for youth information and counselling in Finland. Ministry of Education and Culture granted a state subsidy to Koordinaatti for a national project that started in May 2019 and will last until the end of April 2020. Since August 2019 two people are working for the project.