Prochaine arrêt : Luxembourg!

ERYICA’s French-speaking Working Group will meet together on 24-25 October 2019 in Luxembourg. The purpose of the meeting will be to come up with an idea for a project on Media and Information Literacy to be carried out in 2020, as this is a priority topic for many of the French-speaking members of ERYICA. The members attended a training on MIL in October 2018, and would like to continue working on this topic. There will be 13 participants, from 3 countries (Luxembourg, Belgium and France), representing 5 ERYICA members. The different participants work at local, national and regional level. 


The meeting will take place during UNESCO’s Global Media and Information Literacy Week, and will coincide with an event organised by ERYICA member ANIJ in Luxembourg. This is the ‘Assises de l’Information Jeunesse’ (Youth Information Congress) where the main focus will be on ‘Disinformation of youth – are we all responsible?’ As well as looking at the role of the mediadifferent youth servicesand the development of critical thinking skillsin formal and non-formal education, a panel discussion with representatives from UNESCO, ERYICA and the EU-CoE Youth Partnership will be held. More information can be found here (in French). The Working Group members will have the chance to attend this event as part of the programme. 

If you are interested in setting up a regional cluster Working Group, let the Secretariat know and we can see how we can support you in this!