For a European Quality Label on Youth Information

In April 2018, the General Assembly of ERYICA approved a new European Youth Information Charter and ERYICA Strategic Plan for 2018-2023. Both documents highlight the challenges faced by young people when it comes to addressing the overload of information and the need of ensuring the quality and visibility of youth information and counselling services. The Strategy underlines the necessity of creating a European Youth Information Quality Label, easy to recognise by young people, based on their needs and on the principles of the European Youth Information Charter.


 In this context, the partnership between the Council of Europe and ERYICA aims at creating a European Youth Information Quality Label. ERYICA has launched a Working Group, which is having their third meeting at the European Youth Centre in Strasbourg in October. The first year of the planned two-year process has produced promising outcomes, including a draft assessment tool, and found answers to the major questions regarding the management and sustainability of the Label. An Open Dialogue Day with stakeholders and a desk research supported the process. The Working Group drafted an assessment tool and proposed a management structure for the Label.

The upcoming third meeting will fine-tune these results and prepare for the second year of the project, which will include the piloting of the Label with the co-operation of youth information and counselling structures from different European Countries. The Label will be launched in the beginning of 2021.