ERYICAdemy - Training of Trainers in Youth Information and Counselling

Based on previous experience and due to the ever-growing number of ERYICA training courses, a working group of exceptional trainers in the European youth information scene developed a comprehensive, blended learning ERYICA Training of Trainers course - which is starting this October!


The course will consist of 2 eLearning phases and 2 residential training courses during the academic year 2019/2020. Participants who complete the course will be certified to deliver 5 different ERYICA training (YIntroDigital YIntroAdvanced YIntroJIMMYYoMIM) and 3 eLearning courses (Digital YIntro, JIMMY, YoMIM), both at home and internationally, and they will have a simplified way to get certified for the rest of our training courses too.

The ToT cycle is realised in the framework of an Erasmus+ KA1 project. Participants have been nominated and endorsed by the ERYICA Member Organisation in their country or region. ERYICA believes that the ToT will remarkably facilitate the organisation of training courses for youth information workers and it will increase the outreach of these courses. Certified participants will become members of the ERYICA Trainers Pool and they will be able to deliver training at different levels across Europe.