#DalinkisVasara – Share the summer! ... in Lithuania

Each summer, the Lithuanian Youth Council and Eurodesk Lithuania implement the information campaign #DalinkisVasara (Engl. Share the summer) about summer jobs, youth exchanges, festivals, travelling, camps and volunteering. The campaign name #DalinkisVasara means to share the summer and inspire young people to be active during the summer holidays. The main campaign tool is an interactive app where young people can easily find out about the different opportunities. Also, a lot of interesting and relevant information about campaign topics can be found on social media: Instagram and Facebook. The Lithuanian Youth Council and Eurodesk Lithuania take action not only online but gives live consultations at music festivals.

At the end of June, they organised a 3 day-long summer festival with the same name #DalinkisVasara. About 20 discussions and different kinds of entertainment took place during the festival. #DalinkisVasara festival was a great opportunity to learn more about relevant topics, for example: sexual education.

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