ERYICA has published its Annual Report 2017!

The Annual Report of ERYICA, aimed at all the actors who are interested in youth information and counselling on all its levels, has been published in September!

This document provides an overview of what ERYICA has achieved during the past year, fulfilling the objectives established in the Strategic Plan 2015-2017, proposed at the 26th General Assembly of ERYICA.

In line with the strategic directions for 2015-2017 - quality & training, participation & empowerment, research & innovation and policy & international relations - the Annual Report offers a glimpse into ERYICA’s projects and other activities, realised in cooperation between the organisation and its members.

2017 has been loaded with projects such as DOYIT, Liasons and MOVE and activities such as YIntro, Advanced Yintro or JIMMY, as well as numerous trainings, seminars and courses.

You can also get to know us better by exploring the internal matters section, where you can meet our members, affiliated organisations and co-operating organisations, compare our statistics on social networks, or immerse yourself in our new website.

At ERYICA we believe that young people's right to receive information is a fundamental right. This Annual Report is the outcome of our work and efforts to improve each day in this field and meet our objectives.

You can view or download the report from our Activities and Projects Page.

Happy reading!

Erika Branca