Let’s spread the principles of the European YI Charter!

ERYICA is currently working on the promotion of the new updated European Youth Information Charter, approved at the 29th General Assembly in Cascais, April 2018.

In order to provide maximum visibility for the principles of the charter and to promote their implementation, we kindly ask for your collaboration.

We will run a three-month Social Media Campaign, starting on 15th October and ending on 21st December 2018. Members, Affiliated, Co-operating Organisations and Partners are encouraged to post an image and the text in their own language of one Charter principle every two days.

For that purpose, translations of the Charter are needed. The Charter is already available in several languages, whose versions can be found in our website. If the Charter is not available in your language yet and you wish to translate it, please contact the Secretariat beforehand.

Those interested in participating in the campaign can contact ERYICA for further information. We will provide documents with methods, procedures, timeline of the posts and the images, as well as the font package. You can also participate by sharing, commenting or liking ERYICA and its members' posts during the campaign.

Together we will be able to create a wide circulation of the Charter, in order to improve and strengthen youth information work across Europe!

Erika Branca