Youth Information Development Fund: How to apply?

The Youth Information Development Fund allows ERYICA Members, Affiliated and Co-operating Organisations and potential members to apply for financial and technical support from ERYICA to develop or implement capacity-building activities in the field of youth information and counselling.

Activities that can be co-financed under the YI Development Fund include:

  • Organisation of a study visit to another ERYICA member;
  • Participation in a training activity developed by ERYICA or another member;
  • Provision of support from an expert from the ERYICA network;
  • Provision of speakers or trainers for an event or training activity developed by a member;
  • Support to several ERYICA members to prepare a project together, meet for sharing experiences, or develop a joint activity; or
  • Organisation of collective activities (thematic working groups, regional or language cluster meetings, etc.).

If your activity does not fit in any of the above--‐mentioned categories, please consult the ERYICA Secretariat

How to apply?

To formally apply to for funds from the YI Development Fund, interested members must fill in an application form and submit it to the ERYICA Secretariat online by 11 June 2018, 12:00 (noon) CET.

The online form is available HERE