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The youth information website Stardiplats boasts a catchy colour scheme and a blog style geared to kids and young adults aged 7-26. Conveying reliable and quality information in a format sure to resonate with young people, the website also includes a CV area where users can post their formal and non-formal experiences.

Youth information covers developments and trends, supports independent growth and learning, raises awareness of various opportunities and choices, and promotes participation in society. The key principles of youth information are quality, trustworthiness and accuracy, either through face-to-face communication (such as at trade fairs and events), digital channels (social media, apps, websites) or in physical environments (booths, posters, topic walls).

Young people are spending more and more time with their digital devices and on social media, which makes it easier to convey information to them and for them to consume it. Undoubtedly, it’s wonderful that the information is so diverse and abundant, but it also means a choice for young people – which information to consume or disregard, and from which channels?

Stardiplats was developed to support and consolidate universal, verified youth-targeted information onto one website, which makes it a convenient and reliable web-based source that is available at all times. To create the content, we collaborated with various institutions, such as the National Institute for Health Development, the Road Administration, Estonian Social Enterprise Network, SCULT Sport Volunteers Movement, youth organisations and many more.

Stardiplats offers information on education and study, employment and careers, youth work opportunities, relationships and safety/security, health and society-related topics. It is easy for website visitors to find information on subjects such as sexual health, healthy diets and exercise, student exchange programmes, careers, volunteering, traffic and first aid and youth participation. There is also the option of finding useful information on internships, trainings, competitions and events.

The main topic groups covered were mapped out as part of a study aimed at young people, “Analysis of the availability and user-friendliness of youth information services”, conducted in 2016 by Ernst & Young, and a key underpinning for mapping and organising the information are hackathons and consultations, using youth participation. In early Summer, employment and personal relationships are popular topics, while in Autumn, career choices and education are more searched for.

The youth-friendly CV environment on the website gives young people a chance to enter their education and employment history in an easy manner, just by following the instructions. The aim is to help young people to gather together and reflect on their various experiences, which in turn helps them to make choices about their education, hobbies, employment and career path.

Stardiplats includes several hundred articles on various topics aimed at young audiences, allowing them to search for information easily and get a one-stop full overview and information on many different topics, saving time and avoiding exposure to disinformation and fake news. It is fast and easy to create CVs on the website, and the information can be updated and modified at any time.

Stardiplats is a high-quality and trustworthy tool for young people to find answers to their questions and put their experiences online in one place – and it’s a useful resource for youth workers for providing guidance and support for young people.

Kadri Koort
Chief expert
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