ERYICA adopts a new Charter!

ERYICA approved a new European Youth Information Charter during the 29th General Assembly!

The European Youth Information Charter was first adopted in 1993, and later revised in 2004. Its aim is to guideline youth information services in order to guarantee quality standards and ethics for youth information workers. The new Charter has also updated and incorporated the Principles for Online Youth Information that ERYICA set up in 2008.

A Working Group, which was established by the 28th General Assembly and made up of member and Governing Board representatives of the ERYICA network, Youth Ambassadors and ERYICA staff, met in Dublin in January 2018 to launch the process of updating this core document for the provision of youth information and counselling in Europe.

The proposals for change included minor modifications to the preamble, which was merged with the introduction. The principles have also been organised under the following keywords: Independent, accessible, inclusive, ethical, professional, needs based, proactive, empowering and participative.

The updated Charter is available here, as well as on the ERYICA website. We are looking for volunteers to translate the revised Charter into their language so that we can offer as many language versions as possible. If interested, contact us at

Erika Branca