Children’s Rights Division of the CoE – Youth and Child-friendly Information for Young People and Children in Migration

The Council of Europe’s protects and promote the human rights of children and young people under 18 years old within its Children’s Rights Division and works in cooperation with various stakeholders and youth information services as well as ERYICA. The Children’s Rights Division of the Council of Europe follows the legal description of children in its operation, thus it covers activities and approaches related to youth under 18 years old, while the Youth Division covers activities and approaches related to youth above 18 years old.

The Children’s Rights Division organised a roundtable on youth and child-friendly information for children in migration to gather the views and recommendations of government and local authorities, child-protection authorities, border and asylum officials, Ombudspersons for children, civil society actors and children, who each participated in consultations. The report prepared by the Children Rights Division of the Council of Europe, as well as the accompanying video based on feedback from children in migration in Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece and Hungary, reflect the views of the children themselves, NGOs and child-protection authorities, and provides recommendations for further action. The round table report is available here.

The Council of Europe has also launched a web-page on child-friendly information in migration and life projects where you can find all the information, reports and multimedia resources linked to this topic. The Children’s Rights Division will continue supporting States to develop tools for youth and child-friendly information and procedures under the Council of Europe Action plan on protecting refugee and migrant children (2017-2019).

Furthermore, the Children’s Rights Division is developing a Handbook presenting good practices on provision of information to children and young people in migration. ERYICA has been invited to take part in the expert group meeting that will be held in Strasbourg on 30-31 May. Members of the ERYICA network which hold experience in providing youth information and guidance to young people in migration and refugees are encouraged to contribute to the this handbook by submitting their example of good practices to It would be a great chance to have some examples of good practices from the ERYICA network included in the Children’s Rights Division handbook.

More information is available on the website’s newsroom.

Erika Branca