Jugendinfo: Youth Reporter Training in Vienna

Jugendinfo will participate at the International Youth Reporter Training in Vienna, Austria on 1-5 September 2018. This training is targeted at young journalists and youth reporters (of the Erasmus+: Youth in Action programme countries) aiming to offer relevant journalism skills and the opportunity to meet peers from other countries.

The aims of this activity:

1) Networking: young journalists and project coordinators from different countries

2) Skills training: focus on use of social media for journalism, mobile (video) reporting

3) Knowledge transfer about young journalists’ projects

Furthermore, the participants will gain practical skills in the field of journalism and they will have the opportunity to attend the European Union Youth Conference, organised in Vienna, in order to practice the skills they have acquired during this event.

In order to receive more information on the programme and apply, follow this link.

Before applying please check with your Eurodesk coordinator if they have already applied and contact the National Agency of your country to check if it is involved in this project and committed to cover travel costs.

Erika Branca