EU Youth Strategy is out!

The European Commission has proposed a new framework for cooperation on youth over 2019-2027, to bring EU closer to young people and to help address issues of concern to them. Its main aim is to empower young people and built their resilience by focusing on three areas of action:

  • The engagement of young people in civic and democratic participation.
  • Connecting youngsters across the EU to promote solidarity, intercultural understanding, opportunities to learn, work and volunteer abroad.
  • The support of youth empowerment through boosting innovation, quality and recognition of youth work.

The renewed EU Youth Strategy will also develop its partnership work and cross-sectoral approach by addressing the needs of young people in other EU policy areas and developing specific youth initiatives. For instance, promoting cooperation between schools, youth workers, health professionals and sports organisations will enable youth workers to provide specific information to youngsters for ensuring better access to opportunities. Youth information and counselling also encourages social inclusion and wellbeing of young generations.

Employment is a topic of great interest to the renewed EU Youth Strategy as it continues to be a high priority. The important role of youth information and counselling has been underlined for the provision of career guidance helping the transition between education, training and the job market. Growing interest will be directed to the youth information sector, as major provider of guidance, critical thinking, intercultural skills and media and information literacy to the young generations.

euyouth strat.jpg
Erika Branca