ERYICA adopts a new strategy 2018 – 2023!

The new strategic plan for the years 2018-2023 was presented on the occasion of the 29th General Assembly of ERYICA in Cascais on 25 April 2018. The new strategy is divided into four strategic directions, which aim to support the development of youth information and counselling work in the years to come in order to better ensure young people’s access to quality youth information and counselling services:

  • The Research, Trends and Innovation direction aims to encourage evidence-based policy-making and practice in order to encourage innovative ways to empower young people by seizing the opportunities offered by emerging trends and new media.

  • The goal of the Capacity-Building direction is to guarantee adequately skilled and resourced youth information workers and other professionals working directly with young people. Youth information work should support young people in their search for accurate and reliable information.

  • The Quality and Youth Information Ethics direction aims to guarantee youth information services are operating on the basis of a human-rights approach, in order to enhance young people’s autonomy by supporting their critical assessment of information and media outlets. This strategy direction seeks to frame youth information within a set of ethical principles and guidelines and to provide quality assessment mechanisms.

  • The Co-operation and Policy Advocacy direction seeks to reinforce and deepen ERYICA’s cooperation with different international, national and regional institutions and partner organisations, while improving coordination across sectors and at different levels.

Furthermore, the ERYICA Strategy for 2018-2023 includes an efficient communication strategy and the expansion of the network, based on updated and resourced information. This goal will be reached with the promotion and dissemination of ERYICA’s materials and activities, the improvement of tools and strategies to advocate and better communicate with the network and by ensuring more personalised and targeted communication.

The new ERYICA Strategy for 2018-2023 is available here.

strategic directions.jpg
Erika Branca