Council of Europe Youth Agenda 2030 – Work in progress

The Council of Europe is developing a new Youth Agenda for 2030. The Director of ERYICA participated at the Consultative meeting on the Council of Europe Youth sector strategy on 15-16 May in Strasbourg. The aim of the Consultative meeting was to identify and explore parameters for the development of the future Council of Europe mid-term youth strategy from 2020-2030. The strategy will be used to define the Council of Europe’s youth agenda, its actions and thematic priorities for the future. To do so, the participants to the Consultative meeting examined the current strategy (Agenda 2020) to draw lessons from its achievements and shortcomings, and collected ideas on purposes, tasks, and challenges that need to be addressed in order to promote common European standards in human rights, democracy and the rule of law in the current socio-political context of young lives in Europe. The participation of ERYICA allowed us to underline the importance of including youth information and counselling in the next Council of Europe Youth Agenda.

The Consultative meeting resulted in the development of a draft strategy and the identification of grounds which needs to be maintained, developed or innovated. These included youth policy, vulnerable groups and democratic participation, hate speech, digital citizenship, European identity, internet governance and digital security and young people’s changing world. A synthesis report on the main outcomes of the meeting will be available at a later stage.

Erika Branca