Young Scot- Bad romance

The Scottish Government Marketing Team approached Young Scot to work on an innovative piece of work with The Leith Agency to use Snapchat to educate young people on the signs of Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE). Our objective was to communicate with young people through Snapchat to enable them to recognise the signs of CSE through a succinct, accurate and relatable awareness campaign.

Young Scot, The Scottish Government and The Leith Agency worked collaboratively to create the concept and script, which was also tested with young people and stakeholders. Filming took place throughout Edinburgh over a two-day period. Over 18 ten-second snaps, ‘Bad Romance’ told the story of two typical teenagers snapchatting about the seemingly innocent beginning of a relationship; the girl being impressed with gifts and attention; the man then requesting sexual images before inviting her to a house party, leaving her traumatised. The story unfolds snap by snap in a conversation between two best friends. More than actors, we asked the young people to film the snaps themselves to ensure it was authentic. They were also involved in the direction of the filming to ensure it was in a style expected by young people, adding filters, emoji’s and text. The campaign was supported on Facebook, Twitter and the final collection of Snaps was released on YouTube providing longevity to the campaign.

Bad Romance has been heralded by the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations and Third Sector Lab for its innovative approach. The Effectiveness of the project can be seen in the record viewing figures for ‘youngscotsnaps’ with 11,375 total views on the Snapchat story. The 13% increase on average Snapchat story views on the ‘youngscotsnaps’ account shows that even difficult content can engage young audience when handled correctly. The final film has also been released on Facebook and Twitter, reaching at least another 15,000 people.

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Erika Branca