The OPIN-ELBA project in Tuscany, Italy


The OPIN-ELBA project was a local project carried out by the A.P.S Legambiente Circolo Arcipelago Toscano, which aimed at developing a youth agenda for sustainable living. The main goal of this programme was to engage young people to formulate and share ideas and initiatives for sustainable development. The long-term objective is to generate and later implement a local action plan on how environmental, economic and social policies should look like to improve the quality of living on the island for young generations in the coming years.

The target group consisted of 120 students between the age of 16 and 17, but other peers and adults on the island engaged as an indirect target. This project included a series of online and offline activities in order to reach and involve and wider population of young citizens in the island. Some of these activities included the collection of comments and ideas on the OPIN platform and workshops and debates organised in classrooms.


Although the project’s development was delayed, it was able to motivate and engage young participants on the topic of sustainability of the local environment, as well as other citizens of the island.

Erika Branca