Pimp Your Town!



Pimp Your Town! is a local project carried on by Politik zum Anfassen e.V in Germany, the aim of which is to engage citizens from 8 to 25 years old in the participation of the improvement of their town, thus developing young people’s interest in democracy. Pimp Your Town! includes two other sub-projects related to the protection of the environment (Pimp My Ocean!) and the future of energy supply (Pimp My Energy!)

The project, which involved 120 participants, was organised over three days and consisted in collecting the participants ideas through the digital platform OPIN, and then refining them through a voting process in order to elaborate a realistic and formal proposal to be given to political actors. The digital network allowed participants to share their initiatives effectively and to decide on which proposal may be more relevant through the polling features. OPIN was also used to get an overview on the users’ knowledge on the project.


Up to 80 participants were involved in the online participation through OPIN. Young people were reached via social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, the Internet or offline activities (schools, councils and committees, administration). Overall, the involvement through ePartcipication further engaged people in the project of Pimp My Town!

Erika Branca